Maven Advisors advocates that successful business intelligence and performance management initiatives must be business driven and technology enabled. For this reason, we focus on ensuring our clients have a well-defined vision and business roadmap in place by facilitating the development of a top down, business driven strategy.

We work with our client’s to make certain the necessary enablers are in place in the areas of information, people, process, technology and change management to ensure the business  roadmap can be successfully executed. We also assist in defining and implementing joint program governance to maintain business and IT alignment and provide ongoing leadership oversight to the overall strategy and program execution.

Much of Maven Advisors approach to Better BI™ focuses on ensuring you have a solid strategy in place and all of the necessary enablers to guarantee your success.  But even with the best plans and preparation you will still be required to implement and maintain your BI program.  For this reason, Maven Advisors is committed to partnering with our clients through the execution phase.  Our battle-tested consultants bring their real world implementation experience in many key roles allowing our clients to leverage their many successes and lessons learned.