Our innovative Agile Analytics Delivery approach is designed specifically to provide you with the opportunity to improve your current analytics program capabilities in weeks – not months or years.

Our Agile Analytics Delivery approach ensures a focus on business outcomes through the entire analytics journey – from strategic to tactical. By applying agile concepts to improve the speed and flexibility of analytics delivery, you are able to deliver tactical value throughout the process of defining your analytics strategy and roadmap.  Agile Analytics Delivery connects your individual analytics investments to your specific business value outcomes.   Applying this incremental approach removes the risk of making large strategic investments without seeing real project results and provides structured opportunities for your staff to develop their practical analytic knowledge and skills.

What does Agile Analytics mean for you?

  • Sacrificing strategic planning over tactical execution, and vice versa, is no longer necessary
  • Let’s you keep planning as you deploy. A very pro-active approach to your changing business
  • Can be tailored to support your collaborative business and technology team approach
  • Consistent delivery of incremental ROI removes your risk of large investments without returns

As your business changes, our Agile Analytics Delivery approach is designed to accelerate or decelerate your delivery timeline.  Adjust resources, funding, and expectations to build success and avoid large scale misses.

Our Agile Analytics Delivery enables a flexible approach to developing an analytics strategy and roadmap,  building an analytics program, and delivering analytics projects.

    • Based on 3 – 5 week sprint building blocks
    • Enables you to customize your sprint sequencing and timing
    • Allows flexible pacing between your sprints
    • Builds your organization’s internal analytics knowledge and skills

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