Our Executive Briefing series is designed to provide insights into critical BI and analytics best practices and emerging trends. The briefings are informative and highly interactive sessions that promote learning and facilitate your strategic thinking and decision-making in areas important to your analytics success.

You and your team walk away with a better understanding for your BI and analytics maturity, opportunities for capabilities development, and future trends and knowledge for your long-term strategic planning.

Briefings may be scheduled individually or packaged together as half and full-day workshops. In addition to the topics provided, custom briefings can be developed to address a specific issue or opportunity in any area of analytics, business intelligence, and data management. Schedule a meeting today!

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Executive Briefing Portfolio

Data/Analytics Project Kickstarter

The key to any successful data or analytics project is alignment around a well-grounded plan at the project’s initial launch.   This briefing will review a comprehensive framework of activities needed to successfully jumpstart your next analytics project. Discussion will focus around the best practices within the areas of people, process, information, technology, and change management that can truly make a difference for your next data or analytics initiative.

Getting Value from Analytics

Many executives are still unsure about the value analytics can provide for their organizations. This briefing walks through examples of the best practices that your company can use to get value from analytics and includes a discussion about how you could apply these best practices to your company.

Navigating the Technology Landscape

With the convergence of tool vendors and introduction of new product innovations, determining which analytics technology is right for your organization can be a daunting task. This briefing walks through a technology capabilities model that helps customers build a holistic tool strategy. Whether you are assessing your existing technology stack, consolidating as a result of a merger, or looking for the first time, our framework can assist with your assessment and decision process. We will discuss how to apply the framework to any vendor’s solution to ensure you have a firm handle on the required capabilities and their associated costs.

Emerging Trends in Analytics

Stay ahead of your competition by learning about current and emerging trends in analytics. Topics will cover technology innovations, industry vendor activity, new use cases for analytics and other relevant developments that can impact your investments and project decisions.

Taking BI and Analytics to the Cloud

A primer on the impacts of BI and Analytics in the cloud.  This briefing will talk about the benefits and risks associated with leveraging cloud based solutions to deliver BI and analytics. Discussion will focus on key criteria used to determine if the cloud makes sense for part or all of your BI and Analytics solutions and conclude with example implementation scenarios for the cloud.

Organizing for Analytics Success

Provides a practical framework for building your organization’s analytics competency.  Topics include key factors to consider when designing your organizational structure and developing hard to find skill sets.

Building Data Assets

It’s pretty common knowledge that data is an asset. But what does a data asset look like for your company? This briefing provides practical ‘how to’ ideas to help you identify and build data assets that will create value for your organization.

Finding Value from Big Data

This briefing will help you separate fact from fiction by reviewing the most common use cases for how Big Data is actually being applied today to drive real value. Discussion will focus on determining which current use cases will best help your organization and conclude with an overview of Big Data architecture and its impact on traditional data warehousing and business intelligence approaches.

Internet of Things Meets Analytics

With the growing potential to connect everyone and everything comes an opportunity to gather new, meaningful information for exploration and analysis. This briefing will take a look at the impact of the internet of things on analytics and focus discussion around how this growing space can be a critical opportunity for your analytics program both now and in the future.

Marketing & Selling Analytics

You’re only doing a great job at analytics if everyone thinks you are. This briefing provides practical steps you can follow to market and sell the value of your analytics project to your organization.

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