BI Business Roadmap Development - defines prioritized high-level business requirements focused on the key business drivers, business improvement opportunities, and business questions that will drive the greatest insights and bring the most value to your organization.
BI Strategy Development – takes a comprehensive view of each of the critical Foundational Enablers required to deliver and support your BI Business Roadmap.  Supporting roadmaps are built for each of the enablers ensuring that critical components are in place when needed.  The Foundational Enablers include:  People, Process, Information, Technology, and Change Management

Business Case Development – delivers a holistic financial analysis of the
benefits as well as the incremental and ongoing costs required for the development and maintenance of each release identified in your BI Business Roadmap.

BI Governance – addresses the importance and need for governance within your organization and establishes guiding principles, roles and responsibilities, decisions required, and the overall operating model – all tailored to fit your organization’s unique structure and culture.